See You in Tartu
LIBER 41st Annual Conference
27-30 June 2012, Tartu, Estonia
organised by University of Tartu Library


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Tartu is located 189 km south of the capital Tallinn.

By air: Tartu International Airport is served by Estonian Air and Flybe (in co-operation with Finnair). The local Airport Shuttle departs 20 minutes after landing and takes passengers to their destinations in Tartu and back to the Airport.
Tallinn International Airport is served by Estonian Air, Air Baltic, CSA Czech Airlines, Finnair, Lufthansa, SAS, EasyJet, Norwegian, etc. Tallinn-Tartu line is served by Estonian Air.
Riga International Airport is served by Estonian Air, Finnair, Lot, Lufthansa, Norwegian, Aeroflot etc.

By sea: The Helsinki - Tallinn line is served by Eckeröline, Viking Line and Tallink. A trip from Helsinki to Tallinn takes approximately 1.5 hours (about 3 hours by slower ferries).
The Stockholm - Tallinn line is served by Tallink.

By land: There is a bus service between Riga and Tartu (Eurolines, Ecolines) and St. Petersburg and Tartu (Eurolines).


The easiest way to get from Tallinn to Tartu is by bus which takes 2.5 hours. Buses leave almost every 30 minutes from 5.00 in the morning until 23.00 at night. Tickets cost approximately 10 EUR and can be purchased from a ticket office inside the bus station or from the bus driver. Please note that there are many buses that have several stops on the route; please make sure that you take a direct bus ("ekspress"). Most of the buses are comfortable and some even offer wireless internet connection. You can check the schedule here:
AS SEBE Täistunni Ekspress (Hourly Express) departs from Tallinn airport to Tartu and from Tartu to Tallinn every day of the week from 7.00 in the morning until 20.00 at night. Please see the: timetable and ticket information.

For your convenience we have also planned special buses for LIBER Conference participants from Tallinn Airport to Tartu and back. Special bus transfer costs 15 EUR per person one way and for booking use registration form.
From Tallinn Airport to Tartu
      26 June, 14:30
      26 June, 16:30
      26 June, 18:30
      27 June, 10:30
From Tartu City Centre to Tallinn Airport
      1 July, 9:00

From Tallinn Airport to Tallinn Bus Terminal
Tallinn bus terminal is situated quite close to Tallinn Airport, so you can take a taxi or public transport to get there. As Tallinn Airport is relatively small, it is easy to find the public transport and taxi area in front of the terminal. It is a short distance by taxi and it should not cost more than 7 EUR to get to the bus terminal. It is also possible to use public transport: the number 2 bus stops just in front of the arrivals hall (timetable). The bus terminal ("Autobussijaam") is the fourth stop on the route, but please note that you still have to cross the road twice to get to the terminal. A ticket on Tallinn public transport costs 1.6 EUR if you buy it on the bus.

From Tallinn Sea Port to Tallinn Bus Terminal
It takes a little longer to get to the bus terminal from the port and it is easier to get there by taxi. Otherwise, you can take the number 2 bus (see link above) from in front of terminals A/B and terminal D. From terminal D, it is three stops to the bus station ("Autobussijaam"). The tram stop is about 300 m from the port: you should take tram number 2 (in the direction of Ülemiste) and it is five stops to the bus station. From the stop, you still have to cross the road twice to reach the bus terminal. A ticket on Tallinn public transport costs 1.6 EUR if you buy it on the bus or tram.

You can get from Riga to Tartu also by bus.
Buses leave the Riga bus station at 08:40; 18:45; 19:00 and 22:45 (prices between 7.90 and 11.30 LVL). Timetable and ticket information.

Nationals of member states of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA), and any third country national who is a holder of a residence permit of a Schengen state, do not need a visa to enter Estonia. If this does not apply to you, please check the website of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for information about possible restrictions and visa regulations.

Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs